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 Adobe After Effects CC Essential Training

Course Info

1.Getting To Know The Workflow
2.The Six Foundations Of After Effects
3.Creating A Basic Animation Using Effects And Presets
4.Animating Text 58 Getting Started
5.Working With Shape Layers 
6.Animating A Multimedia Presentation
7.Animating Layers
8.Working With Masks
9.Distorting Objects With The Puppet Tools
10.Using The Roto Brush Tool
11.Performing Color Correction
12.Using 3d Features
13.Working With The 3d Camera Tracker
14.Advanced Editing Techniques
15.Rendering And Outputting

40 credit  hour  5 weeks 9 hour per week
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Adobe Photoshop CC Essential Training

Course Info

1- introduction about Photoshop
2-  Customizing the workspace and keyboard shortcuts
3- Working with documents and navigations
4- Type Essentials
5- Digital image Essentials
6- Cropping and Transformations
7- Working with Layer
8-Layers Effects and styles
9- Selections and Layer Mask
10- Retouching  Essentials
11- Combining Multiple images
12- Essentials Filters
13- Basic Shape Tool
14-  Saving for the web
15-make video and sound in Photoshop

45 credit  hour  9  week 9 hour per week
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رسوم الدورة التدريبية 1300 جنيهاً مصريا ً شاملة رسوم الشهادة المعتمدة.

Learn4All Initiative

The initiative follows a new trend in education accessibility called MOOCs which stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Moocs could be described as a group of educational resources combined together based on a specific domains and syllabi.
A Mooc is delivered to largest possible number of learners distantly via ICT tools. It mainly depends on person's motivation to learn, commitment and self evaluation competencies.

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