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 English Language (1) (HUM101)

Course Info

Course Components:
The purpose of this course is to enhance students proficiency in English writing for academic purposes. The course guides students through writing sentences, paragraphs, and essays. Practicing editing process will be emphasized as it helps students to better analyze and improve their writing skills. Upgrading writing skills before proceeding with their academic studies is the prime focus of the course. Discussion about the word structure is included together with relations among different words that could be enhanced by using the WordNet.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Grasp the basic communication skills mainly in writing and to some extent in listening and speaking.
2. Improve his ability in expressing his ideas in proper, clear, and simple English language.
3. Construct sentences with the proper choice of words and length.
4. Write a paragraph that is expressive and clear, and transmit their ideas in a written form.
5. Write and edit a short essay.
6. Acquire rich inventory of vocabulary.
7. Use properly both printed and electronic dictionaries and thesauri.

 English Language (2) (HUM201)

Course Info Course Components:
This course is a continuation of HUM101 English Language (1) where it focuses on essay writing at the university level. To improve the necessary skills, students study examples of good writing, do a number of short summaries, and complete short writing assignments covering a spectrum of styles and purposes using different research sources and emphasizing proper documentation. The course is designed to recognize students personal interests, objectives, and learning styles.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. How to write an essay in a proper English Language.
2. Developing the skills of summarizing medium and long topics.
3. Learn how to locate and get access to sources of information.
4. Learn the proper methods of writing footnotes and research references.
5. Improve writing style.

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