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About CLC

EELU established The Continuing Learning Center (CLC) to provide continuous learning opportunities for various educational and training programs in different fields such as Information Technology, Business Management, General and Basic Sciences, Humanities. CLC uses latest ICT tools to offer flexible learning opportunities via distance learning for all with no restrictions what so ever and to earn a professional acknowledged certificate.

    CLC Objectives:
  • To offer flexible education and training opportunities distantly using latest ICT technologies
  • To improve the workforce professional skills and competencies in different domains
  • To offer courses that are aligned with labor market needs and specifications   

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CLC Team

CLC Team

 Prof. Sami Nassar
CLC Director 


 Prof. Yasser Dakroury
EELU President

 Dr. Mohamed Elsayed AL Nagar 
CLC Academic Coordinator

 Dr.Mohammed Fathi EL Zayat
CLC Executive Manager


  Hebatullah Ahmed Mohamed Ezz
Assistant Manager

 Eng. Essmat Elwasly
E-Learning Support Center Manager 


 Eng. Mohammed Lasheen
E-Learning Support Center Admin